Lessons from Auschwitz

  • German newspapers printed cartoons that used antisemitic caricatures to depict Jews.- Reminds me of the many supposedly harmless funny videos of Rahul Gandhi, churned out by BJP IT Cell, very skillfully edited at the right moments to make him appear like a total Pappu (a fool).
  • Many big companies collaborated with the Nazis and made money out of people’s sufferings. Brands which exist even today. Click here to read the details of just a few- Today it is the big tech giants one needs to be wary of. Something which everyone talks about but is hopelessly addicted to. Coincidence? I think Not.
  • When Nazis came into power in 1933, Jewish people made up less than 1% of the German population. (Minorities always are the most vulnerable)
  • Although “Nazi” is a short for ‘National Socialist German Worker’s Party’, the Nazis werent actually socialist or supportive of workers. They picked up words that they believed would get Germans to support them- much like what political parties still do today.




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Keerthana K

Keerthana K

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